September 17, 2009

Wine, Song and a bumpy drive

Come September and the festive season in India rolls on. In the festive holiday mood, I drove towards Honnsetthalli, along with my family on NH4 amidst the infrastructural chaos on the highway. While we in India do believe that from Stocks to Mutual Funds and from our growth to our children’s prosperity, everything seems to be in the infrastructure basket. But the irony of the same is that one needs to be to be tolerable. Each bridge being dismantled and road diversions facilitated, not only requires one’s patience, but a lot of understanding of the bigger picture – India shining!
The good news is that the convenience that these multi-laned roads would bring would be enormous and definitely worth-while. The question though is how long will it be before we use these roads and most importantly, how long would they last!
We ventured out on this drive to witness the inauguration of the SULOCO winery. A winery with a ‘one-of-its-kind’ tag because of its specialty wine, from Tomatoes. Tomato wine and more was served to all guests who graced this memorable occassion, where the priest lauded the Partners of the winery with compliments for giving the villagers an opportunity to sell their produce, which in recessionary periods would rot without any takers. Thanks to the matured and enterprising entrepreneur – Mrs. Sujatha deMagry for giving us yet another moment at Honsetthalli,to remember.


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